Monday, December 7, 2009

New Morning~

Hello everyone~! I'm Tsuki and I decided to start a blog~ I guess I should start by letting ya get to know me?


I'm a Mexican teenage girl in Florida currently working towards fufilling my dream of becoming a singer! I've already signed up with a talent agency and everything =3 I work hard everyday, and I love it <3 I hope I can release soon... I'm super excited about what the future will bring~! I want to do what I love, and be able to provide not only for myself but for my family as well.


What type of music do I sing?

Ah... I want to do pop! But not like American pop. I can't admire American music because all the songs sound exactly alike. I want to sing Jpop! It sounds amazing~ But what I'd like a lot is to be able to experiment for a while... do some pop, some euro beat, some rock, etc...

Why and-of-tomorrow.blogspot? Why "Internationalize! ~The Music of Tomorrow~"?

Well, I chose and-of-tomorrow because I think it sounds cute ^^;
I chose Internationalize! ~The Music of Tomorrow~ because.... that's what music is. It's international. Music is international because it can cross borders of fences, walls, land, and sea to bring people together... It internationalizes. ~The Music of Tomorrow~ fits with Internationalize! because sure someone by chance will find a foreign song and fall in love with it, and find more and more and get into the culture of that land and realise "Hey... we're not that different..." but that's leaving things to chance... I feel music defines you as a whole. As a continent, as a nation, as a group, as a person... but it should bring everyone together... Ah!! It's almost 12:30 in the morning! No wonder it's been getting hard to explain! xD


I'll continue in the morning~ well, when the sun is out >>

Until then!


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